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Informasi489 views – The Indonesian entertainment world experienced a deep loss with the death of senior actor, Ronaldo Valdez, in a car accident in Manila, Philippines on Tuesday (10/11) evening. Reporting from various sources, the accident occurred when Ronaldo was on his way home after completing filming for his latest film.

Currently, detailed information regarding Ronaldo Valdez is still a mystery. Despite much speculation and efforts to search for his identity, there is no confirmation regarding the background or authenticity of the identity of the individual mentioned in the video. However, the video’s appeal is undeniable.

Ronaldo Valdez Suicide Video

Ronaldo Valdez, or who is familiarly called Oma, is a veteran actor in the Indonesian entertainment industry. His skyrocketing career started with small roles in soap operas and films, until finally he became known as a versatile actor who was able to play various characters perfectly.

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Ronaldo Valdez Cause Of Death Reddit

However, a tragic fate befell Oma when she was at the peak of her career. According to eyewitnesses, the accident occurred when the car driven by Oma was traveling at high speed and hit an electricity pole on the side of the road. Due to the strong impact, the car immediately caught fire and no one survived the incident.

Ronaldo Valdez CCTV

The news about Ronaldo Valdez’s death certainly shocked and grieved the Indonesian public. Many fellow artists and fans expressed their condolences and happy memories with the deceased. Netizens also flooded social media with expressions of condolences and thanks for the great contribution Grandma had made to the world of entertainment.


Losing Grandma left a deep sorrow for the world of Indonesian entertainment. However, the artistic legacy and career he has built over the years will still be remembered and appreciated by many people. Hopefully the deceased can be placed in a worthy place next to God Almighty and the family left behind will be given strength to face Grandma’s passing. Goodbye, Grandma. See you next time.

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